Our Statement

"All elements of the agricultural process are audited to ACP standards and conform to many retail protocols."

Quality Statement


Banham Poultry as a company is committed to providing the highest quality products and service to all our customers. We consider that the quality of the product supplied to our customers is of the utmost importance to the long term success and growth of our company. Every care and attention possible is taken to comply with all relevant UK & EEC legal and safety requirements. We recognise that we must work as a team with all our customers, to provide the highest quality value for money products. To achieve this we have implemented a documented food safety and quality management system, incorporating all relevant food safety and qualitative standards, making sure that all employees of the company are fully aware of the importance of the requirements within this document, to achieve this company’s and our customers goal of a consistent high quality standard of products. This quality policy was revised and adopted by Banham Poultry and all its employees in August 2007.



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