Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System (EMS)


The environment has arrived! It is no longer just the air we breathe, or the world we live in, it has become a requirement for businesses to address the environment in order to maintain customers, and exist (thrive) in an ever more critical global economy.

There is an ever-upward spiral of new environmentally related legislation. All of which aids global environment for our fellow citizens. Environmental management systems can assist an organisation to meet its increasingly heavy burden of responsibility for the future condition of our world environment. In many cases, the introduction of an environmental management system can also aid cost savings, and reduction of environmental liability. There are a number of standards available, around which we can model our Environmental Management System, or EMS, on the international scene we have ISO14001. This standard forms part of the ISO14001 series of standards providing not only a specification but guidance and advice on a wide range of environmental issues including auditing, labelling, life-cycle assessments etc. Banham Poultry has an EMS that is based on the ISO standard, this is audited on a regular basis by the Environment Agency and we have proven to be leaders in developing a well managed system.



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