Environment and Sustainability

"It is our objective to become more sustainable, particularly with regards to waste disposal."

Our Environment and Sustainability


Banham Poultry (2018) Ltd is a privately owned business as part of the BPO Group committed to supplying excellent quality fresh poultry products to wholesale, food service and retail outlets throughout the UK as a key part of the food supply system.  

Banham Poultry chickens are bred, hatched and grown throughout the East of England in accordance with stringent controls imposed by the assured chicken production scheme (ACP), and in many cases the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR). The main processing site in Norfolk has an Environmental Permit which is regulated by the Environment Agency.

Our goal is to minimise our impact and enhance the community by continuous improvement through environmental management practices and by employing the use of Best Available Techniques (BAT) and additional measures as best suited to each site.

To achieve this BPL operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) . Our EMS is continually updated and is designed to monitor and improve our environmental performance whilst ensuring compliance with all our legal commitments and obligations.


The following principles guide our business to environmental and sustainability goals:

We will proactively engage with our surrounding community and interested parties with Community Liaison Groups, Bulletins and online updates.

Resources will be protected as energy, water and materials will be used efficiently, and re-use maximised to conserve valuable resources.

We will minimise our carbon footprint both directly and by offsetting through energy efficiency, renewables and working smarter to protect our climate.

Wastes will be avoided, reduced, recovered, and recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally beneficial way avoiding landfill whenever possible.

The use of recycled materials will be encouraged where practicable throughout our processes, and actively promoted thorough the BPL purchasing policy.

BPL will prevent pollution and reduce emissions to air, water, and land to meet our compliance requirements and to be a good neighbour.

Our training will raise environmental and sustainability awareness of the potential environmental impacts of our activities and how we control them.

The environmental performance of the company including the achievements of the objectives and targets, will be reported on at least an annual basis.

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